Dr.Nicole Constant ND

Naturopathic Consultation


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Dr.Nicole Constant ND

Naturopathic Consultation

Service in English
    en français
         en espagñol


I.  Torrance Wellness Centre.  – 2650 Lawrence Ave. East, Scarborough (N.E. corner, Lawrence and Midland)
(416) 289-6680.

2.  My North York clinic. 102 Grandravine Dr., Toronto, ON.    M3J 1B5     (near Keele and Sheppard)  
(416) 633-2785   (ask for me or David.  You can also leave a message after ten rings.)

3.   The Morgan Chiropractic and Wellness Centre.   1 Valentine Dr.  North York (near York Mills and Don Mills)
 (416) 446-7600.

Do get in touch if you have questions or comments.


Or book a complimentary phone appointment.

Consultation Fees and Other Costs

(Fees are the same at the three locations.)
Most private insurance plans support Naturopathic Fees; some support
diagnostic tests.  Supervised expenses are tax deductible.
Normal Consultations – $180 per hour

Complimentary Appointment – no charge.

The Complimentary Appointment, one 15-minute introductory appointment with no charge is optional, for assessing appropriateness of service.

Will naturopathy make sense in your case?  This appointment can be our chance to get a sense of the person and the therapeutic relationship.   We can not start any treatment or provide any therapeutic recommendations within 15 minutes, because we need a full medical history for that.  

First Consult – (60-90 minutes)

Our first visit is always charged as one hour but may run overtime.  (I leave an hour and a half in my schedule.)  I want a really good overview of your health history before we finish—your words, your voice, your observations.  I also want to get at least a part of your treatment started if we can.

Follow up visits.
Your second visit is likely to be two or three weeks after the first.  Once we get going, we may agree on less frequent visits rather than shorter and more often.  But no rules; each case reflects individual needs.
When an appointment is cancelled 48 hours or more in advance, there is no charge.

Other Costs

Remedies and Supplements. 

Naturopathic prescriptions are accepted as medical expenses for tax purposes but are not usually covered by insurance.  Generally, the greatest cost is short term.

Diagnostic lab tests.

I provide the cost of tests I recommend in advance.  I rely more on modern laboratory tests then I used to.  The technology has developed.  The results convince me.  For you, they mean less “trial and error”,  health improving sooner, and in the long run, probably fewer appointments. 

Keep copies of all test results ordered by your MD or others.   A Naturopath can order most of the same tests at your expense that a medical doctor can order at OHIP’s expense.